Another year gone, another update

I have extensively reworked my application known as PlodWare-SQLite-OLE, and decided to rename it to pwScripter. It can be downloaded from here pwscripter.  It uses SQLite 3.46.0

The rework, pwScripter, is not 100% compatible with previous versions, so I need to update some command scripts and web help pages.

There is also a new version of PlodWare-MetaData-Tagger. This is a pwScripter script of just over 8000 lines (after empty lines and comments have been removed) that is compressed, encoded and inserted in to a pwScripter executable, thus creating a standalone excutable that can be downloaded here PlodWare-MetaData-Tagger

The full script for PlodWare-MetaData-Tagger is available here pws-metadata-tagger

Over the year I have added a fair bit of content using PHP and HTML to this web site, without using WordPress. See Alternative Content