SQLite-OLE is an 64 bit executable program that I run on numerous computing platforms using the Microsoft Windows 7 and 10 operating systems.

Technically speaking the executable is:

  • a “client” program that uses Automation (previously called OLE) to access third party OLE compatible server programs ( e.g. Microsoft Access/Excel/PowerPoint/Word, and programs from many other sources).
  • a wrapper around the SQLite engine obtained as “C” source from the SQLite Web site.
  • a command line interpreter that is broadly based on the “BASIC” programming language. That is itself implemented in my own “dialect” of the “FORTH” programming language, that is in turn written in plain old fashioned “C”. The underlying “C” code is  “unmanaged”, and does not use any libraries such as MFC,..
  • a graphical user interface wrapper to make the “whole” thing a bit more comfortable to use.

SQLite-OLE is only (currently) available as a 64 bit executable, and only for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems.