SOB – Container – Overlay

An overlay container positions all of its (direct) children at the same top/left position.

Only one child is visible at a time.

This executable uses overlays in its GUI. The area outlined in red in the following screenshot is an overlay.

In the executable there is an overlay container with children, the children are the Edit , User macros , System macros , Table Info, Help , Help (online) and Report containers.

The column of buttons to the left of the red area does not belong to the overlay (physically), but they were implemented so that (for example) the Edit Panel button knows the SOB identity of the Edit container child of the overlay.

When we click on the Edit Panel button it triggers a SOB SHOW command on the Edit container.

Please refer to the demo Overlays at the menu option Help / sub-section Screen Object  -Demos .

Functional specifications for overlay container related SOB commands:
Add – Container

SOB ( _
<Parent: number expression> ,_
"ADD" , _