Downloads and script files


  • pwscripter                             2024-07-03   aka SQLite-OLE
  • pws-metadata-tagger     2024-06-21    actual = pws-metadata-tagger.txt file embedded into pwScripter

Scripts for pwScripter:

  • pws-metadata-tagger      2024-06-21    >12000 lines of script to create a GUI over a database of metadata for files (lots of features for images!)
  • ns-mcp2221a-setup         2024-07-03 basic communications with a mcp2221A breakout board
  • ns-mcp2221a-sparkfun   2024-07-03  mcp2221A breakout board  to control a SPARKFUN button shield
  • ns-midi-minimal            2024-07-03 a minimalistic use of the MIDI capabilities of the Windows Multimedia API
  • ns-mci-sound                 2024-07-03 using the MCI capabilities of the Windows Multimedia API
  • ns-mcp2221a-tea5767  2024-07-06 mcp2221a breakout board to control a TEA5767 FM Stereo Radio