Way back, in a much earlier version of this executable, you could direct a SQLite query result to the lower panel (technically a Microsoft ListView control) or to a HTML browser window (where the executable used a HTML table structure to hold the query results).

The HTML view made it easy to cut and paste the results in to an e-mail. Which was great for small tables. However this capability has been dropped.

But the HTML browser window is still present and you can send HTML text to it.

The executable command is overloaded.

  • html() will empty/clear the browser panel
  • html  will display the browser panel
  • html  = <text expression>  will send the text expression to the browser panel
Mini snippet 1:

html ()
html = "<html><head><title>test</title></head><body><div id='yo'>hello world</div><table><tr><td>Col-A</td><td>Col-B</td></tr></table></body></html>"

Mini snippet 2:

html() ' empty the HTML window
html( " <p>normal text</p><p><small>smaller text</small></p> ")
html ' display the HTML window

I am considering writing a few commands to extract the inner/outer  text/html from the browser to a string variable.