GUI – Windows System API

Microsoft Windows has an API called system . It takes a text string as it’s input parameter and passes that string  to the Microsoft Windows command line handler.

The GUI provides access to the Microsoft Windows  system API.

The GUI command is a function, called system that takes a single parameters, a text string, which is passed transparently to the Microsoft Windows system API.

The Microsoft Windows system API supports > 200 different capabilities. The description of the supported capabilities is outside of the scope of this website. The capabilities belong to the Microsoft Windows API not to this GUI. For information about the capabilitiues of the Microsoft Windows system API please look online.

However, for illustration purposes only, here is how you could use the Microsoft Windows system API to delete all of the files under a given folder, but not in its subfolders.

Assuming that the folder is at   c:\users\user\fred

dim myPath = "c:\users\user\fred"
system ( " del /q " & myPath )

On calling the Microsoft Windows system API, the GUI is suspended until the API returns! The returned value is dependent on the invoked capability.

Microsoft Windows system API is powerful, be careful!