GUI – Getting help

  • Use the executable’s Help menu option.
  • Use the command help ("") to display (in the Report Panel) help information for the commands embedded in the executable. Or refine the command by providing a text string that must be part of the command  name(s) for which the help information is to be displayed. e.g. help("db") will display information only if the command contains the text db 
  • Browse the System macros Panel to see the definitions of the embedded functions / subroutines.
  • Browse this web site
  • For SQLite specific information, refer to   or a related online forum.
  • For SQL information, browse the Web. I have on occasion referred to
  • For help with OLE / Automation I can only suggest that you consider  Microsoft online, or a programming orientated Q&A site such as

If all else fails, then contact me and I might offer some assistance (no promises!)