Microsoft Office and LibreOffice

I have done (for me) a  phenomenal amount of number crunching at work. One average I am processing about 1.2 million lines of data a week, nearly all of it provided as Excel or as CSV files. Fortunately the SQLite-OLE application lets me write script files, so that it is easy to rerun the processing steps.

I am a great fan of  the automation of repeated activities.

However when it comes to presenting the data / results to other people it is usually necessary for me to use Excel.

Now, I have been programming in VBA for Excel, Word and PowerPoint for more than 10 years (especially in PowerPoint). And I have been fortunate that I have a work laptop so that I can play program at home. But I have often wondered if I should install LibreOffice (

I was (until today) wondering how easy it would be to use the OLE interface of SQLite-OLE to control LibreOffice. Well now I know.

I started looking at the possibility last Sunday, and today (Thursday) I managed to get the LibreOffice WriterDemo going.

For anyone who is interested, you can find it on the  SQLITE-OLE Scripts   page.