Fresh Start

After 15 years of running a static website I have decided to add videos and a blog. I have ditched my WYSIWYG HTML editor (also 15 years old), installed WordPress and am desperately trying to be an old dog than learns new tricks.

Samson Meteor USB Microphone . Looks at bit like a Dalek to me (I remember William Hartnel in the original Doctor Who series!)

In the last month I have splashed out on a new webcam (Logitech C922), a green screen background, a set of four video lights, and today a Samson Meteor USB microphone. I even created two YouTube channels one for programming and one for telecommunications. To bring it all together I have installed OBS Studio on my desktop.

I decided against using the C922 microphone because I seemed to be getting too much background noise. But when the Meteor arrived I was almost in tears. The microphone was picking up all sorts of noise. But when I tested it on my laptop it was okay. So I returned to my desktop and tried plugging the Meteor in via a powered USB hub. Even worse. Then I tried via a USB 3.0 socket on a PCIe card. It worked like a dream, and then of course the C922 microphone was fine via the USB 3.0

Now I have no excuses. I will record a video!