Curse the darkness, or speak out.

Once more I ask myself why I have created this blog.

I have spent some time discussing this with my son (studying physics at university and just starting his M.Sc. thesis), and about the only conclusion I have reached is summed up by the following quotation which I understand is too old to be definitivly attributed to anyone:

Yet it is far better to light the candle than to curse the darkness

I suppose that my use of this blog is similar to the classical 1950’s letter that took the form:

To the Editor of the Local Newpaper.

Dear Sir

It has come to my notice that …

                Yours faithfuly, a concerned citizen of our good village.


Well, the truth is out, I am I suppose a concerned citizen of our good village, except maybe I should consider myself to be a concerned citizen of our global village.

Is a blog an opportunity to speak out. If so, are there better ways?