SQLite – Acknowledgements

The database engine that is inside this executable is provided by the good people of the SQLite project.

I have not written any part of it!

Nor have I modified it!

The SQLite project publishes a “C” header file and a “C” source file that can be embedded in to an application. These SQLite files provide that application with a database capability.

I regularly check the SQLite web site ( www.sqlite.org) for updates, and include them in to my executable.

All of the database functionality in my executable comes from the SQLite files.

I am most grateful to them!

Some people have provided “C” source files that extend the capabilities of the SQLite code. These are called extensions.

I have included some extensions in this executable.


  • JSON1
  • FTS5
  • csv
  • fileio

For details about these extensions please refer to the SQLite web site.

I am also most grateful to the developers of these extensions.