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What musical taste?

The classical answer is “it varies”. However I am strongly influenced by the music of my youth: 60’s and 70’s with a bit of the 80’s. The 90’s and 00’s hardly existed musically for me. But there have been some intesting developments in the last few years.

I used to listen a lot to the classical rock bands of the 70’s: Jethro Tull, Queen, Genesis (especially with Peter Gabriel). In the late 70’s early 80’s I listened to bands such as: The Police, Blondie, Madness, Foreigner, and many many more.

Now-a-days I still find some “newish” names interesting despite my advanced years: Maroon 5, Snow Patrol, Caro Emerald, Kodaline, James Blunt, Florence and the Machine.

Having three children who are now all in their twenties helps!

On a less mainstream course I also enjoy: Planxty (Irish folkband of the 70’s), Bothy band (more Irish folk), Ravi Shankar (if you do not know, find out), Steeleye Span (oh Maddy Prior, what a voice), just about anything with Paul Rodgers, Commedian Harmonists (an early 20th century German vocal group, too long a story to explain why), Kathleen Ferrier (long dead, but just listen to her sing “Blow the wind southerly”, try YouTube) and much much more.

Oh, I quite like Mozart’s Horn Concerto No 4. Ever since my first team leader (Ed Patterson) at SEL (later Alcatel) in Stuttgart (1985) taught me the following words:

    “I bought a French horn and I took it on home
    I started to play to my neighbours dismay
    I omped and a pahed all the night long
    Till the men in white coats came to take me away”

Hunt on the internet and find a better, longer version by Michael Flanders and Donald Swann who are also responsible for the Hippopotamus Song (Mud Glorious Mud). Sorry, but this sort of thing tickles my sense of humour.

If you want to try something a little bit different how about:

  • Slade - How does it feel
  • Andy Iona And His Islanders - Pretty Red Hibiscus
  • Rod Stewart - Tom Traubert's Blues (original: Tom Waits)
  • Elkie Brooks - Gasoline Alley (original: Rod Stewart)
  • Planxty- Sweet thames flow softly
  • Genesis - More fool me (Phil Collins singing although Peter Gabriel still in the band)
  • Blind Blake - Diddie Wa Diddie
  • Lucy Spraggan - Last Night
  • Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven (unplugged)
  • Dexy’s Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
  • Judie Tzuke - Molly
  • Annie Lennox - Keep young and beautiful
  • Strawbs - Queen of Dreams
  • Alan Price - Left over people
  • Bad Company - Seagull
  • Herbert Grönemeyer - Mensch

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