GUI Fields

The fundamental interface with the user is text based.

Sorry, but I have not focussed on providing a GUI to support drag and drop on creating SQL commands. Rather I have been focussing on creating a SQL utility that can be controlled by a script file i.e. a batch mode.

But there are a number of GUI interfaces that will accept text input or support mouse based control of some of the SQLite Utillity functions.

This section, and its sub-sections, describes those fields.

  • WHERE interface - lets the user input only the WHERE <criteria> for a SQL SELECT statement
  • DB command interface - accepts either a single command that spans multiple text lines, or multiple, single line, commands
  • Command file interface - a text file that can contains a mixture of single commands that span multiple text lines, and multiple, single line, command
  • HTML -support is provided to display some SQLite Utility results in a HTML format. I find this useful if I want to transfer, say the results of an SQL query, to an e-mail. Rather than exporting the results to say Excel and then to the e-mail, you can simply change the view mode of SQLite Utility from a list-view format to a HTML table. The table can then be copied and then pasted to the e-mail.

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