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To whom does ISBN Book Manager belong?

What are the risks associated with using ISBN Book Manager?
  • There are no risks of which I am aware.

Is ISBN Book Manager freeware?


Does ISBN Book Manager need to be installed?


  • There is no installation needed, not even for the embedded SQLite database engine.
  • There is a single executable, that (unless I have mucked it up) includes all of the libraries that it needs.

On which platforms does ISBN Book Manager run?
  • It should run on a newly installed Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • It does not need .Net
  • I do not have Windows 8 so I do not know if ISBN Book Manager will run there.
  • Linux - No. I started porting everything to Linux via GTK3+ but I did not like it so I stopped.

Does ISBN Book Manager access the Registry?


Does ISBN Book Manager phone home?

    No!  ISBN Book Manager does not.

Can you have the source code for ISBN Book Manager?

    Sort of, yes.

  • You can have the Forth like source code, modify it, and run it on the RIPE Forth like interpreter.
  • Sorry, you can not have the source for the RIPE Forth like interpreter.

Will I customise ISBN Book Manager for you?

    I do not know, ask me, make me an offer!

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