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As part of my work it was necessary to examine about 1 million sales related records. I needed to identify how many items of type X were sold in combination with feature Y. That sort of thing!

I tried to use Excel, but the records were large, and I got fed up waiting for files to load to Excel. And then I did not find Excel to be very suited to this type of work. Do not misunderstand me, Excel is fantastic, but some things just work better in a database.

I do not have Access on my work laptop, so I decided to modify an existing program that I had for scanning an SQLite database (SQLite Browser was offered on this web site, but the SQLite Utility supercedes it!).

All in all the sales records occupy about 12 Excel files, and when loaded in to a SQLite Database the disk file is 450 M bytes. The 450 M byte database file loads in less than 10 seconds.

I eventually realised that it would also be helpful if I could exchange information directly with Excel via OLE automation. There was no way that I could ever expect to read/write Excel files, but using OLE I do not need to. So I have also added some OLE capability so that SQLite Utility can do some of the things that Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) can. And then, as a bonus, I relised that the OLE capability can be used on any OLE enabled application e.g. PowerPoint, Outlook,....

This means that with a bit of care (and luck) SQLite Utility’s capabilities could link say a customer database base to an automated e-mail campaign, or, or, or ...

To whom does SQLite Utility belong?

What are the risks associated with using SQLite Utility?
    SQLite Utility includes the ability to delete rows, tables and databases
  • Before deleting, SQLite Utility (usually) asks for a confirmation from the user.
  • I have invested considerable time and effort in weeding out the bugs, I cannot guarentee that I have caught them all.

Is SQLite Utility freeware?


Does SQLite Utility need to be installed?


  • There is no installation needed, not even for the SQLite database engine.
  • There is a single executable, that (unless I have mucked it up) includes all of the libraries that it needs.

On which platforms does SQLite Utility run?
  • It should run on a newly installed Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • It does not need .Net
  • I do not have Windows 8 so I do not know if SQLite Utility will run there.
  • Linux - No. I started porting everything to Linux via GTK3+ but I did not like it so I stopped.

Does SQLite Utility access the Registry?


Does SQLite Utility ”phone” home?

    No!  SQLite Utility does not:

  • Use the Internet or an other telecommunications network.
  • Attempt to gain knowledge of, or access to, anything it should not.

Can you have the source code for SQLite Utility?

    No, not whilst it is still being extended.

Will I customise SQLite Utility for you?

    I do not know, ask me, make me an offer!

! under construction !

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