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To whom does Dup Finder belong?

What are the risks associated with using Dup Finder?
    Dup Finder includes the ability to delete folders and files from the user’s file systems
  • Before deleting, Dup Finder (usually) asks for a confirmation from the user.
  • Except for the disk based database file, it only opens files in read-only mode.
  • I have invested considerable time and effort in weeding out the bugs, I cannot guarentee that I have caught them all.

Is Dup Finder freeware?


Does Dup Finder need to be installed?


  • There is no installation needed, not even for the SQLite database engine.
  • There is a single executable, that (unless I have mucked it up) includes all of the libraries that it needs.

On which platforms does Dup Finder run?
  • It should run on a newly installed Windows XP or Windows 7.
  • It does not need .Net
  • I do not have Windows 8 so I do not know if Dup Finder will run there.
  • Linux - No. I started porting everything to Linux via GTK3+ but I did not like it so I stopped.

Does Dup Finder access the Registry?


Does Dup Finder ”phone” home?

    No!  Dup Finder does not:

  • Use the Internet or an other telecommunications network.
  • Attempt to gain knowledge of, or access to, anything it should not.

Can you have the source code for Dup Finder?

    Sort of, yes.

  • You can have the Forth like source code, modify it, and run it on the RIPE Forth like interpreter.
  • Sorry, you can not have the source for the RIPE Forth like interpreter.

Will I customise Dup Finder for you?

    I do not know, ask me, make me an offer!

! under construction !

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