Create - no ISBN

To create a (initial) database entry for a book which has no ISBN click on the create empty row button, highlighted here in pink.

This will insert a default entry into the database amd assign it a default ISBN13 value.

Once you have the default entry you can edit most of the fields with a simple editor activated by clicking on the edit button, highlighted here in pink.

The new sub-window will allow you to edit the fields:

  • Title
  • Edition
  • Author
  • Binding
  • Publisher
  • Published

 You can edit these fields, then when you are ready you can submit the fields to the database by clicking the update button.

You can not directly enter the name of the image (typically of the book cover), that you want to associate with this entry! But you can drag and drop a file onto the area that is highlighted here in pink (normally it is grey!).

How to provide a user selected image.

You can drop an image file on to the area highlighted above in pink. The program will then:

  • Display the copied file in the area highlighted above in pink.
  • Remember where the file came from, this will be used if the changes are submitted to the database.
  • The default is that the displayed image will be automatically resized to fit the area highlighted above in pink.

For demonstration purposes I have created a image file, in this case called Ripe for the picking.jpg and simply drag and dropped the file onto the area highlighted above in pink (the area is normally grey!).

I have also filled in some of the other fields, for demonstration purposes.

How to submit the edited information to the database.

When the update button is clicked the current image (shown in the pink area) and the contents of the edit fields will be used to overwrite the database entry for that particular row. In addition the program will:

  • Copy the image file to the current database directory
  • Rename the copied file to the current rows isbn13 field without changing the original files extension.

This raises the questions Where is the current database directory?

  • Well, if you have not saved the database on disk yet, then the default location is programmed to be your default download folder.


Based on the above demonstration, when the update button is clicked you would see the following:

How to discard edited information.

If you want to discard your edits before submitting them to the database, then simply click on the reload button. Once you have clicked on the update button its too late, and you will have to re-edit the fields

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